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It's no secret that if you've taken an interest in my music that I release albums/songs/etc. constantly. I don't really have a solidified release structure, I prefer to let people hear my music as soon as it releases.

So, I figured hey - you probably don't want to buy all of this stuff when I'm releasing things every month or two months - so the subscription format is something I'm really wanting to try out. With your subscription, you will get the following:

- Every album I have released
- Every album I will release
- Every song I will release

Pretty good, right? If anything, this is the most cost effective solution for you, the listener - because $25/year is really the cost of like, 3 albums. :)

But hey, it can't just be music - it has to have more. Thankfully, there is more.

I'm always looking to expand my medium when it comes to my projects, so as such, you will also receive the following:

- Bonus hi-res artwork
- Any demos
- Early sneak peeks at upcoming music
- PDF files that usually contain hi-res artwork as well as my pitiful writing that has to do with my concepts in my records
- More!

I'd really like to see how this goes, so if you're a fan and want to save money on my music - I encourage you to step up to my "VIP" area and let's have some fun. I believe this platform has a way to communicate with you guys, so I'll be here constantly answering any questions, posting boring/exciting stuff, etc.

I really appreciate everyone who ever takes even a modicum of a listen to my songs, so you've got a friend in me.



What you get:

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North Ogden, Utah

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